Jamie Hiner



I am Jamie Hiner, and I love movie scenes of characters walking away from explosions (click here), but what I love even more is to dislike clichés, so basically I cringe every time someone walks away from an explosion in slow motion. I also love sarcasm. I strive to step outside of the boundaries of what people expect to see. Everyone can take a picture of a tree, but how do you separate yourself from others by how you snap that photo? How you crop it, what you focus on, what angle you shoot at, how you edit-those all drastically influence the perspective.  That is the beauty of art, because you can use your own technique/viewpoint in many different ways to take something that is bland, and transform it into something fascinating and interesting. There are no wrong ways of doing it, but there are ways that are more captivating than others. I strive to tell stories from powerful perspectives, framed to highlight the subtle details that make them truly great.  We all have stories, companies have stories, and even the in-animate parts of the world have a texture that tells a story, and I look to express and emphasize the core meaning of those stories.  I live to learn through a new lens and empower the details of the world and connect them with the human experience.